c-Go Battery Charger 24V 6A - 12A

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c-Go Battery Charger 24V, 6A-12A

The new intelligent c-Go 24V battery chargers by IVRA Electronics BV are multifunctional battery chargers suitable for loading lithium, gel, and AGM (lead) batteries.
The c-Go 24V battery chargers are available in 6A, 8A, 10A and 12A for the charging of batteries of 40Ah up to 125Ah. 

c-Go 24V Battery Charger
As a result of the latest technologies, the c-Go 24V 6A and 8A battery chargers are no
longer fitted with a ventilator which allows for a noiseless operation. Furthermore, the chargers are fitted with two LED’s which gives an easy, fast and reliable overview of the charging process.

The c-Go 24V battery charger automatically saves the charging history of the last 40 charging events. This allows for a fast and efficient analysis of for instance why the capacity and/or life of the battery is reduced. This information can also be easily read out.
A new feature of this charger is that it automatically registers and monitors the charging and stand-by time when it is connected. The new c-Go 24 V battery charger is characterised as technically highclass, safe and reliable but also user-friendly, in short: the complete solution.

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