c-Go Battery Charger 12V 6A - 20A

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c-Go Battery Charger 12V 6A - 20A

The new intelligent c-Go 12V battery chargers by IVRA Electronics BV are multifunctional battery chargers suitable for loading lithium, gel, AGM and wet (lead) batteries.
In addition these chargers can also be used as a power source. The c-Go 12V battery chargers are available in a 6A, 8A, 10A, 12A, 14A, 16A, 18A and 20A for the charging of batteries of 80Ah up to 200Ah.
c-Go 12V Battery charger
As a result of applying the latest technologies, the c-Go 12V battery chargers are no longer fitted with a ventilator which allows for noiseless operation. Furthermore, these chargers come with two LED’s, which indicate in an easy, fast and reliable manner at what phase the charging process is in.

The c-Go 12V battery charger automatically saves the charging history of the last 40 charging events. This allows for a fast and efficient analysis of for instance why the capacity and/or life span of the battery is reduced. This information can also be easily read out.
A new feature of this charger is that it automatically registers and monitors the charging and standby-time when it is connected. The new c-Go 12V battery charger is characterised as technically highclass, safe and reliable but also user-friendly, in short: the complete solution.


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