Mobility Power Pack

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Mobility Power Pack

The Mobility Power Pack (MPP) by IVRA Electronics BV is a completely new designed lithium battery.
This li-ion battery with a weight of only 2,4kg is, among others, applied in caravans who are equipped with a mover.

Mobility Power Pack
Not only the reduction of weight (from around 25 kg to about 2,4 kg) is worth noting, also the dimensions have been reduced to a mere fraction (1/3) by comparison to the former lead batteries.
The Mobility Power Pack allows you to manoeuvre for about 12 minutes with your caravan weighing up to 1800 kg.
As the Mobility Power Pack has a built-in charger it can be charged in three different ways: via the 230V adapter, via the car or by using a solar panel.
Contrary to other lead batteries, the Mobility Power Pack can, if fully charged, remain in the caravan all year around without requiring additional charging.
As a result of its unique design, the Mobility Power Pack offers a high degree of safety, automatically switches itself off after 15 minutes and is user friendly and maintenance free.


For the various IVRA Electronics BV products we have manuals and technical specifications readily available.
You can download them here and will receive a personal copy directly in your email.
If you have questions or want to consult with one of our advisors.

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